Our Team


RCN Steering Committee

US Principal Investigator: Leah Johnson is a quantitative biologist. Her research focuses on understanding how differences between individuals in a population result from external heterogeneity and stochasticity, and how this variability influences population level patterns. She uses theoretical models to understand how systems behave generally, while simultaneously seeking to confront and validate models with data and make predictions. Applications include infectious disease epidemiology and behavioral and population ecology.






laurenheadshotUK Principal Investigator: Lauren Cator is a behavioral ecologist who is particularly interested in the behavior of disease transmitting mosquitoes for two reasons: we know very little about them and the behavior of these animals has an enormous impact on human health.  In the past she has worked on several aspects of mosquito behavioral ecology both in the laboratory and in the field. She is excited to learn more about theoretical tools and how they can assist us in understanding how vector behavior, life history, and how these contribute to disease transmission dynamics.






Samraat Pawar is Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London, based at the Silwood Park Campus.  His work integrates mathematical and computational modelling with the rapidly emerging field of ecoinformatics (management and analysis of massive ecological data) to study how metabolic demands and constraints on individual organisms drive ecological and evolutionary dynamics of biological systems ranging from populations to complex communities.






Erin Mordecai is an assistant professor in Biology at Stanford University. Her research focuses on the ecology of infectious disease: how climate, species interactions, and global change drive infectious disease dynamics in humans and natural ecosystems. This research combines mathematical modeling and empirical work. She got her PhD in 2012 at the University of California Santa Barbara, had an NSF postdoctoral research fellowship in mathematical biology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University. She has been at Stanford since January 2015.






Peter Hudsonimage_normal-3 is an ecologist and a biologist at Penn State University. His work focuses on the ecology of wildlife diseases, including zoonoses. He uses a mixture of fieldwork, laboratory studies, and mathematical modeling to explore disease dynamics in three main study areas, namely, Epidemiology and Population Dynamics, Heterogeneities and Parasite Interactions.






Advisory Board

image_normal-2-2Matthew Thomas
Professor and Huck Scholar in Ecological Entomology
Penn State University





Alison G. Power
Professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Cornell University





Michael Johansson
Biologist at CDC Dengue Branch
Visiting Scientist at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health





Shannon LaDeau
Disease Ecologist
Cary Institute





Mike Boots
University of California, Berkeley





Thomas W. Scott
Distinguished Professor
University of California, Davis




Graduate Student Staff



Fadoua El Moustaid
Graduate Student
Virginia Tech




IMG_1204Zach Gajewski
Graduate Student
Virginia Tech