We are in the process of developing a VectorBiTE online platform that will provide access to:

  • A researcher database
  • A global database for published data on trait (including behavior and life history) variation (VecTrait)
  • A global database for spatially- and temporally- explicit population presence-absence abundance, density and dynamics data (VecDyn)
  • Web applications / interfaces for querying, downloading, and uploading data

The Ecoinformatics working group has been set up. If you are a VectorBiTE member and interested in joining this group, please go ahead! We are currently working on a draft data sheet template for VecDyn, which we will then make available for VectorBiTE members to give feedback on. Then, after a revision or two, we should be ready to start assembling vector presence-absence and abundance data.

VecTrait will follow soon after.

More on all this soon!