The VectorBiTE RCN hosts two types of meetings: Annual Meetings and Training Workshops.

Annual Meetings

Each year of the RCN, we will hold a 3-day meeting with network participants to plan collaborative projects, perform analyses, develop manuscripts for publication, and identify future research priorities. During these meetings we will sponsor several invited presentations which will be recorded and posted to the website. Meetings will also include substantial time for new working groups based on our three questions (below) to form and interact.

Aedes albopictus larvae Marcello Consolo
Aedes albopictus larvae
Marcello Consolo

Q1:  How do age and stage-specific life history and behavioral traits impact transmission dynamics?
Q2: What is the implication of within-vector-population variation in behavior and life history for transmission dynamics?
Q3:  How do we quantify and model the impacts of environmental drivers on behavior and life-history mediated vector-borne disease dynamics?


Training workshops on quantitative methods for vector borne diseases

Two training workshops will be organized in mathematical and statistical modeling for VBD geared towards graduate students and postdocs. These training workshops will be three days in length and occur immediately preceding the annual meetings in 2018 and 2019. The 2018 workshop will be held in the US and the 2019 in UK/Europe to enable training of a wider variety of students. The workshops will include statistical and mathematical methods for utilizing data (including from the VectorBiTE database) to parameterize and validate models of transmission.