Future Workshops

Future annual meetings will focus on sub-goals (our 3 questions) of the VectorBiTE RCN and will include substantial time for the working groups to interact during meetings.

VectorBiTE 2017 –  ***July 25, 26, 27****

Location: Imperial College London, Silwood Park Campus

We will be holding the 2017 meeting outside of London using the facilities at Royal Holloway and Imperial College’s Silwood Park Campus.  Details of meeting will be forthcoming, but please block out those dates!  We will be using a similar online application system and this will go live in December.  Looking forward to seeing everyone!

VectorBiTE 2018 – Heterogeneity of behavioral traits

Location: Stanford University

The emphasis will be on Q2: What is the implication of within-vector-population variation in behavior and life history for transmission dynamics? In addition to the annual meeting of the RCN, we will host our first of two training workshops.

VectorBiTE 2019 –  Environmental drivers of vector behavior

Location: United Kindom/Europe (TBA)

The emphasis of the the 4th meeting will be on Q3: How do we quantify and model the impacts of environmental drivers on behavior and life-history mediated vector-borne disease dynamics? We will also host our second training workshop.

VectorBiTE 2020 –  Synthesis across themes

Location: United States (TBA)

In year five the final meeting will return the US and will bring together participants focusing on all three questions to synthesize results and identify further methodological, conceptual, and empirical questions that remain. In order to promote RCN objectives, we plan to have this final event coincide with the annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America. RCN members will aim to communicate key findings both as part of this event and also the ESA meeting in an effort to present RCN findings to the wider ecology community. We will make special effort to provide synergy and interaction with the existing ESA section in Disease Ecology.


Future dates will be posted soon!