VectorBiTE 2016

Introduction to the Vector Behavior in Transmission Ecology RCN

The first meeting will take place March 23 – 25 2016 at the Collaborative Labs in Clearwater, FL. The goals of the first annual meeting are two-fold. First to introduce VectorBiTE to the larger community. Second, to organize participants into virtual working groups to begin addressing three open questions in vector ecology:

Q1:  How do age and stage-specific life history ad behavioral traits impact transmission dynamics?
Q2: What is the implication of within-vector-population variation in behavior and life history for transmission dynamics?
Q3:  How do we quantify and model the impacts of environmental drivers on behavior and life-history mediated vector-borne disease dynamics?

This meeting will include short talks by RCN members, as well as significant time dedicated to developing initial working groups. We will support travel, accommodation, and subsistence for approximately 40 participants from all over the world. We especially encourage participants from developing nations and from under-represented groups to apply.

Location: Clearwater, FL 

Date: 23-25 March 2016

Deadline: February 1st – APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED


Lettuce Lake State Park, Tampa, FL; Leah R Johnson
Lettuce Lake State Park, Tampa, FL; Leah R Johnson