We are now accepting applications for VectorBiTE 2017 new working groups!!

Hello VectorBiTE members,

We are preparing for VBite 2017 and are now accepting applications for new working groups. We have had an extremely strong response from the exiting groups and many of them have proposed Open meeting activities (meaning that if you apply to the meeting you could join one of these groups). We will therefore be accepting a very small number (1-2) of new working groups.  If you would like to propose a new working group please send a 1 page summary containing the following information.  We would like these by Feb 20th.

  • Proposed activities/objectives- Why do you need to meet? What do you hope to accomplish?
  • Proposed group members- What composition of group members do you need to accomplish these objectives?  This may be only one or two people at this stage.
  • Funding requirements of the group- Accommodation is covered for all attendees automatically. In order to ensure we can maximize the number of folks who can attend we are asking that if funding for alternative travel is available that people use this. Some attendees last year mentioned they would be willing to draw on these alternative sources for travel funding if it meant others could attend. However, it will not count against an application if all attendees need travel funds.
  • What if you are not funded? Even if proposals are not chosen we are open to creating a virtual working group through the VectorBiTE website to help develop community ideas. Let us know if you would like us to arrange for this in the event that you are not funded and who the admin should be for your group.
  • Open or Closed Enrollment? All new working groups must be Open to new members

Some additional notes: We want to balance participation across early stage and late stage career researchers, theoretical and empirical focus, and geographic region.  We would be especially interested in increasing participation from early career UK scientists. We are also specifically interested in a group to look at the effect of vector age on transmission.

Please submit your 1 page summary by emailing vectorbitercn@gmail.com

Vectorbite Board